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Picture-Minded NewBorn Photography

This past Summer I had a few opportunities to photograph newborns and hone my skills / look with this type of photography. I just added my newborn portfolio to my website here and below are my top 5 takeaways with this genre of photography and how it differs from a family session.

1. You Get About a Half Hour with Toddler Siblings: If there is a toddler aged sibling involved make sure there are reward treats on hand and you have the exact shot pre-setup. You don’t want to miss the toddler new brother/sister kiss - p.s. dogs and animals alike are included as ‘toddler siblings’ ;)


2. Must Have Patience: Though I find this characteristic useful with most types of photography I can officially say it’s an absolutely necessary to thing to have when photographing infants. The newborn will dictate when they are ready for their close up.


3. Take Advantage of in Between Moments: I have been setting newborns up on comfy, low to the ground surfaces, surrounded by soft fabrics - but that’s not to say you can’ t get cool shots without this traditional newborn photo session scenario. I love the one of baby Eva in the middle of being swaddled.


4. Incorporate Simple Props: I like to keep the focus on the new baby - that said a simple prop can add a lot of character and go a long way. I love this floral crown.


5. Having Go To Poses that Are Comfortable for All: Though I may try some new poses during the shoot I like have simple go to poses that are easy for all. That way if the baby is asleep or awake I can work around their schedule and shoot throughout.


See my newborn portfolio here !

Stephanie Eichman