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All the Feels After That Father Daughter Dance


Yes - I photograph Weddings for the lovely portraits, details, and love but at the heart of photographing these Unions are the raw emotional, uninhibited moments. These moments are by far and away the most memorable and heartfelt. 


While editing a recent wedding I was completely struck by photo of uninhibited emotion (see below), displayed by the Mother-of-the-Bride.  I vividly remember this moment and instinctively jumped behind my viewfinder framing the scene. The Mother-of-the-Bride tearfully and casually embraced the Bride alongside her Sisters after the Father Daughter dance. Her tears were flowing and she did not hide (yes!).


This photo reminded me of another emotional Father Daughter dance moment from a wedding this past September.  The Bride and her Father were dancing when they extended their arms to Her Mother / His Wife to join the dance floor.  Together arm-in-arm the three of them overjoyed with emotion danced as a family at their Daughters wedding (any and all emotion was displayed and open - yes!).

Pure JOY :) Is it a coincidence that both of these super special emotional moments happened just after the father daughter dance?  I think not. Though I am not a parent Myself, I can only imagine that there is nothing more joyfully complicated and emotional than watching Your Son or Daughter at one of their most planned and long awaited life events. Also the MUSIC! This reminds me how important music is and how it can bring out onto display our deepest, most heartfelt emotions, joy, and memories :)

Stephanie Eichman