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One Fine Day Bridal Market: Designer Spotlight

I love photographing the designs created by the talented designers featured at the One Fine Day Bridal Market not only for the designs but also because the Market is held at the Daylight Photo Studio which has giant lofty windows and fabulous all around light (sweet!). Here are seven designers that caught my eye and a bit about their work:


Katya Katya: No joke I touched one of these gorgeous soft gowns and it felt like butter. London based Katya Katya uses the finest Italian & French silks to create pieces that incorporate ‘versatility, comfort, and flexibility.’ Not to mention they are stunning:)


Untamed Petals: Bridal accessories done to the max: Veils, belts, headpieces, jewelry, slips you name it they make it in the way of accessories:) They describe themselves, “..crafting high-quality, timeless bridal and special occasion accessories.” . Below is Founder / CEO Amanda trying on one of their stunning veils for a client.


Karen Willis Holmes: Australian bridal design at its finest: Elegant, modern, timeless. Karen’s handcrafted designs are divided into four brands: Bespoke, Luxe, Wild Hearts, and Curve. Each brand has its own unique characteristics and they provide visual direction for all their Brides.


Barbara Kavchok: Barbara and her team have a super great philosphy: Inclusivity. Sustainability. Authenticity - now that’s my kinda designer. Based just outside of Philadelphia Barbara is no newcomer to the bridal fashion industry: Her Mother is also a designer. You can rest assure that all the unique handcrafted pieces are made with super ethical practices, a bit of history, and love.


Les Couronnes de Victoire: Floral crowns at their finest - because let's face it if they are handcrafted in Paris they are super duper fine! All crowns/ creations are made at their Paris studio from naturally preserved flowers and made to, “to enhance women’s natural beauty through flowers”.


Elizabeth Bower: Earrings, sashes, and hairpieces designed and crafted by Portland based Elizabeth include a bit of sparkle, softness, and mimic floral elements. Her accessories are sure to enhance an Bridal gown and add that special touch :)


Tara Lauren: LA based Tara Lauren, founded by Sisters (Lauren & Shaina) aim to design pieces that are effortless, romantic, and incorporate a bit os Luxe. These characteristics can certainly be seen in all their gorgeous gowns that you can rest assure will move with grace across any dance floor.

Stephanie Eichman