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Aleshia & Gene Engagement Shoot: Top of the Rock & Times Square

Detroiters Aleshia & Gene are having a destination wedding next year in the Big Apple.  They came to NYC this past week to finalize their wedding details and take in the city for a couple nights and have their engagement photos taken (by me;)).  When they requested a good view for the photos the first thing that came to mind was Top of the Rock.  None of us had been but I was confident enough from photos I have seen that we could get great views and good light towards the sunset hour.


Aleshia, Gene, and I made our way to Top of the Rock on a humid overcast Summer Friday evening around sunset.  Once up I realized navigating and photographing around the crowds would be tricky.  Fortunately TOR has lots of different levels and outlooks to try and find open spots to photograph even on the most crowded of evenings.  The location proved to be an amazing view and one that everyone should check out.  


As the light became darker we made our way down to the city streets and more importantly Times Square so that the bright lights could illuminate their faces for more photos.   After positioning Aleshia & Gene in the midst of Times Square, I noticed their gazes wandering up towards the giant lights and advertisements.  Seeing their expressions I quickly snapped away recognizing the the craze of Times Square that was around us and the sights these two love birds were seeing. 

Stephanie Eichman