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Chris + Julia's Casually Awesome, No Frills, Maine Destination Wedding

Once the venue and guest list has been decided weddings are a culmination of details that will make your day special. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the traditional wedding details you leave in, but the ones you leave out and alter to your ways / liking.   Chris and Julia were married on July 7th 2018 in the coastal town of Southport Maine, close to Boothbay Harbor.  Chris and Julia's tagline for their wedding was, "Like a wedding but better" - and it was!  They designed an entire wedding weekend that incorporated untraditional details alongside bits of tradition.  Below are 7 details from their wedding that made it unique to them and added so much love and flavor.  


1.  Venue: Chris and Julia found an excellent location when they ventured to Maine last Summer:  The Newagon Seaside Inn (also where they became engaged!).  It was like hotel accommodations meets an awesome Maine Summer camp.  The tennis courts at the Inn proved to be a key ingredient for the wedding weekend: Chris and Julia organized a doubles tournament the day before the big day.

2.  Ceremony: Chris and Julia walked down the aisle together!  I thought this was genius.

3.  Rings: Leroy, the couples Corgi, outfitted in a bowtie, handed out the rings during the ceremony. Cuuuuute!

4.  Flowers: All sorts of wildflowers with greens were scattered in glass vases around the ceremony and reception.  Naturally floral but not too 'done'.  

5.  Music: Definitely one of the most important wedding elements to Chris and Julia - so much so they brought up a couple of their favorite music acts to put on live performances.  Sweet!  Shoes were kicked off and the dance moves were thriving. Check out these exceptional musicians here: Pie Tasters & The Slackers.

6.  Dinner: Long picnic tables with all the lobster cracking essentials (bibs included!) lined the tables which were surrounded by simple string lights that sectioned off the reception area.

7.  Cake: Chris and Julia skipped the traditional wedding cake - but did not forget about dessert.  A bonfire provided the perfect roasting for S'mores and a fresh blueberry cake with whip did not dissapoint.

Here’s to creating weddings that are just right for You!  

Stephanie Eichman