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In Hyde Park: Christo's London Mastaba

During my first visit to Hyde Park in London this past June I happened to stumble upon Serpentine Galleries art opening for a new Christo Sculpture (Christo: know for those giant orange gates 'The Gates' and his counterpart Jean-Claude who passed away in 2009).  The Summer solstice was in full effect and I found myself in daylight at 9pm.  After a couple glasses of what seemed to be the perfect Summer white wine I decided to take a closer look at the large scaled sculpture everyone was surrounding.  I soon realized this Sculpture was not Christo’s but was designed by Frida Escobedo.  As amazing as this sculpture was with its exceptional use of light, water, and geometry,  I couldn’t help but wonder where the new Christo sculpture was? 

I soon left the opening and as I approached Serpentine Bridge and glanced over below at Serpentine Lake a colorful beam of light was reflecting back in the lake.  There it was:  Christo’s ‘London Mastaba’ in the middle of Serpentine Lake.  Not knowing any details about the sculpture itself I was not only taken with this piece of art but by the way the setting sun bounced off it and the amount of gorgeous golden light that was reflected on the water and the sculpture.  I would like to think that I got lucky and the way the sun was hitting the sculpture was a rare occurrence because of the solstice.  It was a sight and a photo I will never forget. 

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*More images of the art opening and sculptures below





Stephanie Eichman