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Walking On Water - Bayside On Cape Cod

For the past few Summers I have had the pleasure of staying bayside in Eastham, MA on Cape Cod.  When the tide is low the docked boats lie abandoned in the wet sand and super shallow waters allow you to walk far out sea.  This area has become one of my favorite places to photograph.  

The best is when low tide occurs during sunset.  The gorgeous sunsetting light alongside the ability for people to 'walk on water' is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  The shallow water allows for reflections from the people and boats and all the colors in the sunset.

Even if the tide isn't low the light at sunset on the Cape Cod Bay is always stunning.  Loyal locals make they way bayside every Summer night to make sure they don't miss those one or two 'best' sunsets of the Summer.  

One of my favorite photographers,  Joel Meyerowitz created a whole book entitled 'Cape Light' and there is not doubt that I was infulenced by these images.  

Here are some of my favorite images I have taken over the past few years bayside on Cape Cod.







Stephanie Eichman