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#WeddingsAre Event at Haven's Kitchen

Last evening Haven's Kitchen held their first ever #WeddingsAre event featuring a variety of vendors in the NYC wedding world.  Haven's Kitchen devotes it's 2nd and 3rd floors to weddings and events and develops personalized menus to cater to each event.  I can't speak highly enough of how great this space is not to mention the food.  All the vendors created different interactive experiences including a DIY martini and spritzer station with all the fixings.  The other vendors / stations included...

1.  Flower Girl NYC had a selection of Spring blooms to create DIY boutinerres.  Their flowers are super dreamy and lush.  

2.  Sarah Bode-Clark an NYC based photographer had the confetti photo booth all set and she even convinced me to get my pic taken - a nice change of pace for this photographer.  https://www.sarahbodeclarkphoto.com

3.  Mini Melanie had a bunch of tasty treats out for grabs and you could even custom make your own truffle box.  Mini creates custom truffles for weddings and occasions in a variety of flavors and colors.  

4.  Pink Bowtie NYC is a boutique wedding and event planning company owned by the lovely Rebecca Shenkman who is very experienced and ready to help with all the details! 

5.  PJCP Is a full service event design and production company in NYC & Los Angeles.  PJCP had live moss letters that participants could decorate.  Pretty sure that moss lives a long time - what a super great idea!  

6. Annie creates the most adorable illustrations to personalize your wedding!  Check here art out here.  

7.  Park Deli Florists brought their flower game to the forefront with fresh cut flowers ready to attach to hair combs to decorate your hair with.  Loved it! Skateboards, flowers, and dry goods is the name of the game at their stores in Crown Heights.  Quite the combo. I can vouch that their flowers are really great - so I am pretty sure their skateboard and dried good selection must be pretty darn great as well.

8.  Prerna Yogo   a yoga and meditation teacher was holding meditation sessions on the 2nd floor.    Prerna yoga is enriched in self care and mindfulness approaches.  If you are a stressed bride I highly recommend Prerna's teaching as it aims to calm the mind and restore.  

9. Ellen is a master calligrapher  and engraver.  She wrote my name on piece of marble  (a paperweight!) and it was delightful so she must be something special!

10. Sarah Levine an NYC based Officiant helps craft custom ceremony with all her clients - all faiths welcome.  

11. Patina provided lovely modernish furniture for the event.  Click here is your are looking for that super swank piece of furniture for your next event.   

Stephanie Eichman