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TOP 5: Takeaways When Shooting Infants

There is something so soft, special, and sweet about infant photography.  Recently I had the pleasure of shooting the Lenihan family and their new baby.  Here are my top 5 takeaways for shooting with infants...

1.  Allow EXTRA TIME:  Infants are not aware of the camera/time and therefore you are waiting for their best moments which is very unpredictable.  Since you are waiting on them (wether it be when they are sleeping or awake) you need to work around their temperament and not be rushed.


2.  Shoot QUICK with the new baby/siblings: If the new baby has siblings you will want to get them photographed together.  Many times the sibling is still adjusting to the new baby and may not be super cooperative for the photoshoot. So make sure you have that shutter speed up and act quick when the sibling is willing to shoot with their new sister/brother.

3. Include SOFT&LIGHT colored FABRICS:  Having a super soft fluffy fabric for the infant to be photographed on is ideal.  

4. Use a PORTRAIT LENS: I used an 85 mm portrait lens which worked well and forced me to keep a tight crop.  I think this a good lens for infant/ family photography because there is something very intimate and soft about the first few weeks of bringing a new baby home and having a good portrait lens on hand is ideal.


5.  Photograph Those LITTLE FEET & HANDS: Remember to capture close ups of those little feet & little hands.  You can consider them the most important detailed photos in infant photography. 

Stephanie Eichman