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Engagement Shoot: One Couple, One hour, Three Different Photographic 'Looks'

There are always so many unexpected turns of events and gambles with wedding/ engagement photography - but that is part of the fun.  The weather, location, and lighting opportunities will bring about very different moods and looks in the photos.

This engagement shoot brought us into a few different locations, lighting situations, and the weather even took a turn when the wind picked up!  Sometimes having a super consistent shoot is nice, but it's also nice to have a variety.  Below are the three examples from this engagement shoot which gave a different overall feel to the photograph because of the lighting / scenery.  

1.  Shaded well lit against a wall (exterior of a house) with lovely garden accents: Beautiful consistent light with a comfortable feel brought on by the couples pose, lighting and props.  

2.  In a wooded area with sunlight creeping in from behind the trees (the couple remains in wooded shadows).  Multiple lighting situations (shade & sun), the tall trees and wind swept hair/ dress provide an element of adventure and the presence of nature.  As my client Lizzie said, "This reminds me of Twilight."(the movie) -  Definitely on the dramatic side.

3. Direct Sunlight in an open field.  This is actually a a still from the last scene in a movie from the 50's. Kidding, but it certainly has that feel (especially if it were in black and white).  The wind and sunlight provide a sense of drama as does the pose..  






Stephanie Eichman