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TOP 5 Things To Do, Remember, and Try When Shooting Fashion Influencers & Bloggers


1.  WORK WITH the LEWK: Is the Blogger wearing a flouncy skirt? killer heels? or textured fabric?  Find a way to highlight these elements.  Catch them mid-twirl if they are wearing a flouncy skirt/dress, make sure to have the killer heels in focus and leave enough space around the shoe for editing, and for textured fabric perhaps it will shine bright and look great in sunlight or glow in the moonlight.

2.  FOLLOW THE LEADER: Most fashion bloggers are creatives and will have a vision for what they want and how they want their photos to look. Follow their lead and listen to what they want.

3. GET LOW: Not all Fashion Bloggers are models and getting low will not only accentuate their outfit it will also elongate their figure and make them appear taller and in command.

 4.  EXPERIMENT WITH LIGHTING: Unlike traditional and family portraits you can be a bit more artistic with your lighting decisions especially depending on the vibe / style of the blogger.  Don't be afraid to have different lighting situations in the same photo as long as you are using the light strategically and highlighting your blogger and their outfit.  

5.  TRY NEW THINGS and get creative.  Have fun - it's all in the name of fashion.


Stephanie Eichman