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New York Magazine Weddings Event: My Top 7 Favorite Vendors

Last night I attended New York Magazine Weddings (sold out!) event which took place downtown by the Seaport at 180 Maiden Lane.  New York Mag did a fantastic job of organizing this cocktail infused, live music and deliciously pampered showcase.  Below are my top 7 vendors that I was totally and completely WOWed by...

1.  FLORALS (forever) : Framed Florals - Have your wedding flowers framed and pressed by a super talented floral artist so you can have them forever- GENIUS!  Lacie of Framed Florals describes her process as ‘A modern take on floral presentation’ and it is that and so much more.

2. CAKE: Rice and Flower -  Rice and Flower is a handcrafted flour cake studio that describes their process as ‘one petal at a time’.  And they really do mean one petal at a time - these cakes are so ornate that I think they should be behind glass, on a pedestal, at the MET, so that their craftsmanship can be studied like a piece of art. THEY. ARE . BEAUTIFUL - and super yummy too.

3. JEWELRY:  Monika Knutsson - The Gilded Lace Collection.  Have your Mothers lace from her wedding dress dipped in gold so you can wear it as jewelry on your special day/ forever - YES!  Monika’s jewelry line takes vintage lace and dips it in  24k, rose, and sterling silver to create these memorable pieces.  Also to note - Beyonce has worn this collection sooooo....

4.  HEALTH: Aisle Talk: Consultation & Therapy - Aisle talk is a boutique based therapy and wedding consultation service brought to you by a licensed therapist herself - Landis.  I loved Aisle Talk's vibe and I truly believe that each and every one of her clients is the coolest most calm and content bride ever!  Afterall wellness is the name of game these days.  


5.  SWEETS/FAVORS: Cupcake Market - Custom Face Cookies!!!! YES, YES and YES I’ll have one for each of my guests (whenever I get married that is) - 'nough said / they are awesome.

6.  DRESS: Samantha Sleeper Bridal - Their custom hand crafted designs are all produced ‘with a poetic hand and a sustainable love’ and their dresses are absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

7.  FOOD: Katz Deli - You can have your very own Katz's food booth (with the iconic vertical logo as well) at your wedding and all your guests will go nuts and your stomach will be super happy.  I can't tell you how happy having them their last night made me :).

Stephanie Eichman