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Top 5 Types of Photos to Capture When Photographing Weddings

1. The LOVE: The Bride and Groom will want to look back on this day and see photos where their love for one another is captured.  As a wedding photographer you are responsible for this and with all the chaos that may ensue I recommend always being keyed into your couple throughout the day and make sure to capture their golden moments together, either semi posed or totally candid.  


2.  DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS:  Weddings like any big bash or party bring together florists, event planners, musicians, and chefs etc into one place at the same time.  The little details are everywhere.  All the thought and planning that went into each and every detail can all blend together during what can be a non stop action packed day so you must set aside time to focus on the details and document them.

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3.  That KISS and that WALK BACK:  When I can feel the ceremony is nearing its end I dart to that hot spot (dead center of the aisle / in front of the about-to-be newlyweds) to capture that one unmistakable moment when the Bride and Groom seal it.  Then they turn and walk back down that aisle filled with unbridled emotion and usually (hopefully) star stuck love and smiles.  


4.  The EMOTION:  Weddings are a place where peoples emotions are running high and many times they will express themselves. Whether it be during a speech, dancing, or sharing something special - I am always on the lookout for these delicate moments.

5.  The LANDSCAPE/LOCATION:   A seaside town? a Tuscan villa? or the crazy streets of NYC? -  you’ll want to capture the surroundings.  Position the couple against the gorgeous landscape or busy streets and make sure to capture the place.  City weddings obviously have a very different feel from country weddings and the landscape will echo through all your photos so you’ll want to have the landscape at large as well to tell the full story of the couple’s wedding.

Stephanie Eichman