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Top 5 Things To Consider For Group Shots


Ahhh the group shot...So many people, short attention spans, and lots of chaos.  Fortunately over the weekend I had a chance to shoot a group of my friends which allowed for a bit of leniency in regards to professionalism as well as time.  At a wedding or event you definitely do not have as much time to organize/ play around - so keep these 5 things in mind...

1.  Do a TEST SHOT & find the best place to take the picture:  Make sure the lighting will be consistent on each person and you know how much space you have to fit everyone into the shot.  

2.  Straight line ups are sooo boring - SCATTER people.  Set up a few chairs have people lean, and  balance out people's heights.

3.  Take a lot of photos - One blink can ruin the photo.  

4. LOOSEN everyone up - somehow someway get them LAUGHing (usually the good shots come either during or right after this).  Fortunately everyone is already a bit giddy from being in front of the camera anyway so getting them to laugh shouldn't be too hard.  

5.  INTERMIX the colors:  You don't want all the reds on one side and all the blues on the other.  

Stephanie Eichman