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Posing Tips for Family Photos this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again where families gear up for that refrigerator worthy photo. If you pick the right photographer your family photo will look effortless, lovely, and give the illusion that the photo/shoot was super seamless & easy. I have one word for family shoots with kids under the age of say…. 10: MESSY. It will take a lot of coaxing, energy, and persistence to get the hero shots, but if done right you will get that picture perfect shot or shots. To ensure you get the shots you want and have the shoot be slightly less messy you also need to make sure your model game is on.  Below I have outlined some tips for posing and enhancing the overall success of your photo session.

1. Kick things off Traditionally: Meaning- look at the camera and smile.  Unless someone just had a tantrum the start of your shoot is the time/ opportunity to make sure you have at least one photo with everyone semi smiling/looking at the camera. 


2.  Get close: It may feel overly close at first but I am always asking clients to get closer! However you must also keep in mind and make sure someone else’s head isn’t blocking your frame unless it is intentional such as a light kiss: light being the operative word, no one wants too see a smushed face.


3.  Action Shots:  The go to family action shot is definitely tossing your kid up in the air - but there are others! Like swinging them while walking etc. or just a nice casual walking shot.  


4.  Eyeballs: Either look at the camera lovingly, at your family lovingly, or off in to the distance in great wonder :) Bottom line make sure you know where your eyes are going and do it with intention.


5.  Get Creative:  Add a prop to play around with or have your photographer shoot from above etc.


6.    Make sure to get a couple shots of just your kids or kid, and don’t forget to sneak one in of You and Your spouse if your photography package allows;)

Stephanie Eichman